Coffee and Tea Galore ☕️


Today, I checked out the Toronto Tea and Coffee Expo. This is the first annual event meant to celebrate Toronto’s indie cafés. There are still tickets available for tomorrow, April 9th, if you want to give it a try! The event itself features over 21 different coffee and tea vendors and also has a bar that features coffee and tea inspired alcoholic beverages.

I personally tried the Jack Honey and Tea and found it to be a refreshing twist on the typical ways that I consume tea.

My favourite booth was Momo Tea. This vendor prides itself in bringing high quality Japanese tea to Toronto. I tried a sample of their traditional Japanese matcha tea and was amazed at the flavour and overall smoothness. I was never really much of a matcha enthusiast, but I enjoyed this so much that I picked up a tin to bring home.

Another booth that stood out to me was Face & Body Tea Co., offering tea infused body scrubs — some of which are edible! I tested a sample of the Black Powder scrub, infused with black tea, which is said to boost circulation. It left my hands tingling and feeling very smooth. This is a new company that is just starting out, but it’s products are very fragrant and seem very promising — I even bought a little sachet to bring home and experiment with further.


The various soaps and scrubs seen at Face & Body Tea Co.

Finally, although not coffee or tea related, I really enjoyed The Pop Stand which had gourmet ice pops, created with local and fresh ingredients. There are a few tea and coffee flavoured options, but I picked up one in the Cherry Bourbon Sour flavour before leaving the venue. It was one of the most wonderfully tart and refreshing ice pops I have ever had. Highly recommend giving them a try, even outside of this event.

My one qualm is that the venue seemed to be too small for the amount of people that were there. So, if you’re travelling with a stroller or if you are concerned about wheelchair accessibility, I don’t think that this is the most accommodating event in that regard. Getting through to different booths meant squeezing through large groups. Also, many of the stands required a decently long wait time to get to samples.

Otherwise, I think it’s a great thing to check out if you’re looking for something to do over the weekend.


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