One girl experiencing Toronto one day, one event and one blog post at a time.

Hello, my name is Paulina Cias and I’m a self-proclaimed home-body and 22 year-old grandma. My ideal night involves me drinking a gin and tonic and watching medical dramas on Netflix. I’m also an aspiring PR practitioner who is going to start a career within Toronto. Toronto is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Canada, but I have seldom explored and experienced it first-hand. Since I plan to one day work and live in Toronto, I think that it’s essential that I go out and explore the city some more.

This blog is designed to help me break out of my home-body shell, and put a personal spin on my experiences at various events and places within the city. Each week I challenge myself to do the most difficult task – to leave my house and be social.

If you’re also a home-body I hope that this will inspire you to go out and explore too!